While swimming in the Strait of Juan de Fuca last week, the vastness of the ocean, the myriad sand, rocks, shells, and marine life struck me with the awesome grandeur of God’s amazing creation.  This realization inspired further reflection on the mind-boggling complexity of God’s conception for this tremendous universe.

Before formulating the stupendous biodiversity of the plant and animal kingdoms, God first had to invent the 108 elements populating the periodic table of chemical elements, each with its own unique properties and personality.  But before that could take place, the laws of physics (gravity and all those other complex interactions) which govern His universe needed first to be established.  Oh, and it goes without saying that physics, chemistry, astronomy, and biology are all founded upon the mathematical principals which God also devised.

As a musician, the closest I can come to envisioning a project as overwhelming as the formation of our intricate habitable universe is imagining Beethoven composing his Ninth Symphony.  More recently, when viewing the serpentine structure of a Jacob Collier video, the question arises, “Which track did he lay down first.”

I was on the verge of asking God the question, “Lord, what did you speak into existence first?” …when He – as always – anticipating my concern before it was articulated, chimed in:  “First, I laid down a rhythm track before doing anything else.”  Then, without missing a beat, He whispered in my ear, “Next, I called out with a mighty, earthshaking voice, ‘More Cowbell!’

I laughed so hard, the snorkel dislodged from my mouth!  I caught a huge gulp of salty seawater before I could catch my breath! 

So it seems to me that God does have a fabulous sense of humor, although it’s hard to see during times when we’re embroiled in hardship, trial, tragedy, or tribulation.  It’s only in those brief moments of repose, when we’re able to ponder not only His Power, His Wisdom, and His Love, but also the lighthearted way He sometimes takes us by the hand and helps us to witness the lighter side of creation 

Praise God Almighty! 



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