stardust-plus-sq-hi-jazz-bandThe DCM Workshop will run from Monday through Friday, July 17-21, 2017.  Each of the groups listed here will work up one or more selections to present at the Friday night concert.

9:00-10:15 Combos – As a group, we’ll learn to create set lists, develop engaging  grooves, arrange songs effectively, present music dynamically, play by ear, improvise, and work harmoniously as a team.
10:30-11:45 Big Bands – We’ll focus on phrasing & articulation, rhythm, groove & swing, intonation, sight-reading, blending with our sections, dynamics, and effective, respectful communication in a large-group setting.
12:00-12:45 Lunch
1:00-2:15 Special Clinics – A clinic will be offered each day in either MIDI technology, improvisation for bowed string instruments, or appropriate percussion approaches for various genres.
2:30-3:45 Vocal Ensembles – God’s Word is a vital component of worship, so singing is fundamental to our work as worship leaders.  Some of us enjoy singing solo, while others like three-part harmony.  Perhaps you feel comfortable in an SATB choir, or you may prefer the anonymity of an unstructured chorus.  Gary and Hannah will address all forms of vocal expression in this unique workshop.

Sectionals – For those who absolutely shudder at the thought of any vocalizing, we will offer made-to-order small group sessions for developing your skills on brass, woodwinds, piano, guitar, bass, drums, ear training, or improvisation.

4:00-5:15 Contemporary Teams –  In these small-group sessions, we’ll focus on groove, blend, dynamics, arranging, developing a set list, worshipful presentation, and teamwork.
5:15-6:15 Dinner
6:30-7:00 Chapel – Pastor Wayne will offer a brief devotional and communal prayer time.  Special needs will be addressed, as well as asking God’s grace on the Workshop and that He will be glorified in our worship going forward.


Faculty Jam– Students may join the faculty in performing selected pieces.  There will be ample opportunity for Q&A and discussion of issues related to music, worship, and team dynamics.  Our faculty has been hand-picked to insure that this dialog will be uplifting, thought provoking, and exciting.

On Friday, Chapel and Faculty Jam will not be offered.  Instead, a week’s-end student concert, open to the public at no cost, will be presented from 7:00-9:00 PM in the DCC sanctuary.

On Saturday, July 22, your faculty will present a special FREE concert, open to the public, at the historic Dungeness Schoolhouse from 7:00-9:00 PM.

In addition, the Sequim Lavender Festival will take place the weekend of July 21-23, 2017, so you and your family may wish to stick around for this amazing experience.

The Historic Dungeness Schoolhouse,  Site of the July 22 Faculty Concert, Open to the Public



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